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The versitray is a flexible tool tray with "grip technology" that adapts, flexes and secures itself to uneven surfaces. Which means you can work smarter, be more organised and need never lose another tool, nut, bolt or clip again.

Our Versitray is manufactured from a unique non slip, high friction material allowing it to hold on gravity defying surfaces ensuring your tools and parts don't slip off and remain exactly where you want them.


The bright yellow colour makes working in poorly  illuminated spaces easier. Dark coloured screws,clips etc. can be organised making them easy to spot against the bright yellow background, with the "antistatic" properties ensuring it stays cleaner for longer by repelling

dirt, dust and debris.

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Vehicle maintenance

Hobby & crafts

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Auto electrics




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"Whether in a professional workshop or a D.I.Y situation The versitray will help you be more organised and work smarter!"

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