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The VersiTray has a host of well thought features making it the perfect accompaniment when working on projects.

For example...

  • To move your tools around with you it simply folds in half and acts like a tool bag

  • The round pocket holds most cans securely to stop them tipping over, not that we advise it but a can of beer fits perfectly!

  • The VersiTray holds two standard hex bit packs nice and tight so you can remove the bits with a single hand

  • At the rear of the VersiTray there is a clever lip that allows you to position your phone clean and safe while watching an instructional video

  • Built into the tray design are five pockets for storing screws and fixings to enable easy location later

  • Last but not least, the whole tray is manufactured from an ingenious soft grippy compound that allows it to stick to uneven/sloping surfaces preventing scratching.

FEATURE carries tools.jpg

Carries tools

FEATURE holds phone.jpg

Secures phone

FEATURE grips cans.jpg

Holds Cans

FEATURE secures screws.jpg

Contains screws

FEATURE grips hex bits.jpg

Holds hex bits secure

FEATURE non slip.jpg

Non slip

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